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World News

May 23, 2018
Weekly World News Update
Israel-Palestine Conflict; Iran Deal and the EU; North Korea Talks; U.S.-China Trade War; Venezuela’s Elections; Reform in Saudi Arabia?
Quote of the Week
“No nation in the world allows foreigners to storm its border. Period. When the declared intention of the aggressors is to kill that nation’s citizens, it is laughable to even suggest that a forceful response would not ensue.”
H.E. David Friedman, U.S. Ambassador to Israel, in a Monday article for Fox News about the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and violence in Gaza.
The occupation must end, so the people of Palestine can be liberated, and the people of Israel liberated from it. End the occupation, and the violence and insecurity will largely disappear.
Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in a statement at the Special Session of the Human Rights Council on Friday.
Israel-Palestine Conflict: Is There Hope for Peace?
How to End the Endless Conflict Between Israel and the Palestinians” Editorial Board — The Economist, May 17, 2018
How Netanyahu Is Stoking Israelis’ Fear of the Nakba” Galia Golan — Haaretz, May 21, 2018
World Must Tell Gaza’s Hamas-Abused Masses the Truth: There Will Be No ‘Return’” David Horovitz — The Times of Israel, May 17, 2018
Palestinians Ask ICC to Open Full Inquiry Into Israel” Marlise Simons and Alan Cowell — The New York Times, May 22, 2018
Don’t Blame Hamas for the Gaza Bloodshed” Sari Bashi — Foreign Policy, May 22, 2018
The Iran Deal and the Future of U.S.-EU Relations
Pompeo Demands a King’s Ransom from Iran” Curt Mills — The National Interest, May 21, 2018
The Trump Administration’s Plan B on Iran Is No Plan at All” Suzanne Maloney — Brookings Institution, May 22, 2018
The Saudi Lobby’s Scheme to Destroy the Iran Deal” William D. Hartung and Ben Freeman — The American Conservative, May 23, 2018
Europeans Want to Break Up with America. Deep Down, They Should Know that They Can’t” James Kirchick — The Washington Post, May 22, 2018
What’s the Deal with the North Korea Talks?
We Need to Test Our Assumptions About North Korea” Ken Gause — The National Interest, May 22, 2018
Who’s to Blame the Hiccup in North Korea Talks? South Koreans Say Bolton” Anna Fifield — The Washington Post, May 21, 2018
Trump Blames China’s Xi Jinping for Sabotaging the Kim Jong Un Summit” Gordon G. Chang — The Daily Beast, May 23, 2018
Trump’s DPRK Dilemma” Dan Blumenthal — American Enterprise Institute, May 22, 2018
U.S.-China Trade War Negotiations Move Forward
Who Will Be the Biggest Losers from a China-U.S. Trade War Truce?” Frank Tang and Liu Zhen — South China Morning Post, May 22, 2018
Trump’s China Deal Is the Worst Ever” Edward Alden — Nikkei Asian Review, May 22, 2018
In Trade War With U.S., China Gets the Upper Hand” Greg Ip — The Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2018
Aftermath of the Venezuelan Elections
How Long Can Nicolás Maduro Hang on to Power in Venezuela?” Jon Lee Anderson — The New Yorker, May 22, 2018
As Trump Adds Sanctions on Venezuela, Its Neighbors Reject Election Result” Nicholas Casey and Julie Hirschfeld Davis — The New York Times, May 21, 2018
A Fraudulent Election Means Even More Problems for Venezuela” Dany Bahar — Brookings Institution, May 22, 2018 [Podcast]
Social Reform Halts in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Hits the Brakes on Reforms” Simon Henderson — The Atlantic, May 22, 2018
Saudi Arabia Expands Crackdown on Women’s Rights Activists” Sarah Dadouch — Reuters, May 22, 2018
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